learn to pitch 14 february 10am - 12pm
Peak District Trade Fair 14 march 9am - 1pm

Peak District Trade Fair

The Peak District Trade Fair is a unique opportunity for local suppliers and buyers in the Peak District to do business together.

It is widely accepted that the Peak District has an abundance of good food and drink producers as well as a diverse range of artists and craft makers.

Many local buyers are looking for guaranteed and consistent quality and diversity to offer their customers. But increasingly there are environmental considerations to reduce transport and wastage costs of buying local.

The Peak District Trade Fair facilitates the opportunity to bring local producers and buyers together in the iconic Devonshire Dome in Buxton. For producers there’s also an opportunity to learn how to showcase and sell their goods at a free Learn to Pitch event on the 14th February 2014, prior to the trade fair itself on 14th March.

If you are a local supplier in the Peak District area, of food or drink, artist or craft maker, this FREE event is an exciting opportunity for you – to learn how to best promote your goods and then to sell your goods to local buyers at the Peak District Trade Fair at the Devonshire Dome.

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If you are a buyer in or around the Peak District and want to meet and sample goods from local artisans and producers, this is a unrivalled opportunity for you. This event has been organised specifically to bring producers of food and drink, artists and craft makers together at the iconic Devonshire Dome in Buxton.

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